Wine And Paint Party Reviews Raleigh, NC

The BEST – Boise Painting Classes, Paint & Sip Art Events in Boise, Idaho TOP Painting Classes in Boise Idaho!  Attend a Paint & Sip art event in Boise, Idaho and enjoy a creative experience.  The paint-and-sip phenomenon has brushed up Boise and why not?  Where else can you indulge in a Zen experience, give Read more about Best Discount Boise Painting Classes and Painting Events in Boise, Idaho[…]

Currently Listening to: La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong  This past weekend I visited the iconic, sparkly and inspiring, American Visionary Museum, a staple of  Baltimore City, famous for its diverse collection of Visionary Art by “self taught individuals whose works arise from an innate personal vision that revels foremost in the creative act itself.” The AVAM collection is not limited to Read more about A Love Affair… With Art in Baltimore[…]

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