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Video Marketing Blaster Pro Upgrade By Ali G is a very good product. Video Marketing Blaster is a brand new traffic getting and automation software which helps you effectively to rank your videos on first page on Youtube, lets you dominate YouTube rankings, gain targeted traffic from related videos and keep track on your rankings and more. Video Marketing Blaster is created by Ali G. He is known as a talented and skilled online marketer in online marketing industry. Also, he has been worked diligently with his partners to launch a lot of valuable product such as: SociConnect, eCom Rocket, VidEntice, and more. These products received many positive feedbacks as well. Therefore, I believe you can put faith in his new product – Video Marketing Blaster. We​ ​tried​ ​and​ ​tested​ ​every​ ​sneaky​ ​SEO​ ​ranking​ ​tactic​ ​in​ ​the​ ​book. And​ ​the​ ​number​ ​one​ ​thing​ ​that​ ​works, ​ ​right​ ​now, ​ ​and​ ​isn’t​ ​about​ ​to​ ​change​ ​anytime​ ​soon​ ​is ranking​ ​YouTube​ ​videos. Hands Down. A few years ago we even decided to Stop building backlinks and rank websites at all and that was The Best Decision We Ever Made. But don’t imagine that we decided to stopped profiting from the highly converting “Search” traffic that only google can deliver. We found out that not only videos rank better than websites, but the traffic converts 10x better. The statistics are showing that between 64 and 85% people are more likely to buy after watching a video. 70% of people will be more likely to buy a product after they watch a TV commercial than after they read a newspaper advertising.

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