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What is a bespoke website? If well made, they are uniquely designed and developed, highly functional, attractive websites that shun the standardised templates millions already use. Whilst there are plenty of open-source, set formats at your disposal online, these tools often have their limitations. The beauty of bespoke websites is that they are specifically tailored to your business, from the design to the Content Management System (CMS).

The main benefits of choosing bespoke:
Tailored – having every aspect of your website tailored around your business, from the look, functionality, security and managing tools means the database code isn’t bloated. Instead it is streamlined, being built around your specific requirements. A ‘one size fits all’ solution has extra code built in as standard, much of which is often unnecessary for most businesses, resulting in a website that can be slow to load, and less able to fit the needs of the business efficiently and effectively.

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