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dark-seoWhen I first started out with SEO I was determined to be as “whitehat” as possible. I wouldn’t do anything to potentially risk my site being penalised by Google. In fact, after just one year of running this website I had the opportunity to get a link from Matt Cutts, Google’s head of web spam.

Matt emailed me privately to ask that my content was only preaching white hat SEO and that he wouldn’t regret linking to me. I had nothing to hide and told him as such. Later that day I got the link I was hoping for. I’m sure that was the first and last time such a thing will ever happen.

Why? Well, as my recent blog posts have shown, I don’t follow the Google guidelines like I used to. I’ve become very much jaded to what Google preach and what works in terms of getting search rankings. That’s not to say I want to hack websites and use them to rank for Payday Loans, but I am far more concerned about what actually works rather than what “should” work.

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