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El medio con mayor trayectoria en la industria alimentaria

The number of vegans/vegetarians is growing rapidly throughout the world. As by 2007, the digit for Germany was about two percent of vegetarians which has doubled to four percent in 2014. Added to this are further 1.5% which are eating fish but no meat. The number of vegans is said to have reached 0.5%. Vebu (the German Society of vegans/vegetarians) has indicated the share of vegans/vegetarians with actually 8.7% of the total population.

In western countries, the number of vegans/vegetarians/flexitarians is said to be at about 30% of the society. Flexitarians reduce eating meat but do not want to avoid eating it totally. Their impetus is about having good quality, produced ethically correct and sustainably anchored.  Especially those eating habits are forecasted to be one of the future megatrends.

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