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If it weren’t for dental plaque, you would not have to be concerned about cavities nor the irritation and redness of your gums. It’s this sticky, filmy bacteria that causes both, and a lot more if it’s not dealt with effectively and in a timely manner, which is exactly our goal here at Spring Family Dental.

It is crucial to come to our New Albany dentist office on a six month basis so that you can get the benefits of a checkup and teeth cleaning, which serve to address the current effects of dental plaque, and prevent future ones. However, unless you brush your teeth in the morning and again at night, and floss thoroughly at bedtime, you’re doing a disservice to your oral health. It’s those efforts that succeed in the removal of the overwhelming majority of dental plaque day in and day out. And you can limit the amount of plaque you have by keeping a close watch on your sugar intake. Sugar can be found in obvious sources, like cookies and cake and soda, but also in ones that you may not automatically think of, such as ketchup and salad dressings that are bottled. Starch also counts as sugar for the purposes of plaque prevention, so our New Albany dentist office also suggests cutting back on foods that include potatoes and rice. Any plaque that your oral hygiene does not eliminate, may eventually turn into hardened tartar. You can’t remove it on your own, so you’re going to need a teeth cleaning to take care of it. Here, tartar buildup is eradicated, putting you back on track for optimal dental and periodontal wellness. Furthermore, teeth cleanings reverse the effects of early stage gum disease, gingivitis, and stop it from progressing to periodontitis, the latter stage. Plus, any cavities you have will be filled early enough to typically keep toothaches and infections from occurring.

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