Kenmore Refrigerator Filter Review

This is what happens when an engineer with an insatiable curiosity, power tools, and clearly too much time on her hands changes the water filter inside her refrigerator. Yes, that is pretty much it. There really is no other point to this post. Most normal people would take the old water filter and throw it away. I am not a normal person, and I wanted to see inside it, so I cut it open. Warning and reassurance to my mom: I wore a half-face respirator with PM10/VOC filters, goggles, and a leather glove while I cut through the filter. I strongly recommend if anyone else tries this, you do this also. I didn’t want to breathe in the dust or get it in my eyes.

Here is the filter before I began.

Photo 1: Used water filter for my refrigerator, side view

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Original Youtube video here: Kenmore Refrigerator Filter Review

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