In Search Of Info On Cooked Veggies Versus Not Cooking Them

In learning about juicing, it’s likely you’ve heard about the raw food diet. Since juicing is all about getting nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables, it easily fits into this category. If you’re wondering what eating raw food is all about, make sure you have a good read of this section.

In its simplest form, the raw food diet is a vegan diet comprised of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. The power of a raw vegan diet is immense. People all over the world have become addicted to diet; drawn to the amazing benefits (I’ll get to these) which are too good to ignore.

Firstly, start by thinking of other animals. How many times have you seen an animal cook its food? Ever seen a chicken boil an egg? If not, then perhaps you’ve seen a cow in the process of frying up a tasty steak?

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