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Page ranks are literally everything that blogs and websites try for. If the search index is higher, the better performing your website is. It is what ensures that you get the best traffic which translates into revenue. It is important that the pages be optimized in such a way that it doesn’t slip beyond the first five, because users steer away from the other results on a natural instinct.

The broad score, the algorithm is all that search engines take into account, churn it in their algorithms to find out what exactly should be the page score such that it features higher on search results.

Changes in the Google Algorithm have significantly impacted several pages across the web. A confirmation from the horse’s mouth confirms that there have been multiple changes as a part of the annual 500-600 times change that is a part of the process. Officials confirmed that they are not focused on eliminating low quality pages, but only enhancing the algorithm such that the search results turned out are better.

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