Smart Voice Translator Customer Review

The iPad is an ideal travel companion.
How many times have you been to places where you wished you understood the person who is talking to you in a foreign language or a written sign on the street?

How much easier would it be for you to be able to read the menu and order your meal at a restaurant in a different language and in a foreign country?

Many years ago I traveled to China for business and had to stay for about a month in what the Chinese people consider a small town ( around 2 million inhabitants ).

I brought with me a few travel guides which helped me tremendously to find places to eat, do some sightseeing, etc.

One time I was trying a new restaurant with a colleague and ordered a meat dish. I was shocked when the meat arrived to the table 5 minutes later… raw. With gestures and signs I managed to send the meat back to the kitchen to be cooked further but it came back 2 minutes later, still raw. I kept sending the meat back several times but it would still come back rawish.

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