Miranda Rights History

Testimony started Wednesday, March 25th in the murder trial of Aaron Henderson in Rock Island. He’s accused of robbing and killing Derek Jackson, a local tattoo artist. Jackson’s mother, Susan Poe, was in the courtroom as prosecutor started their case against Henderson.

“I feel like he doesn’t even have the right to even look at me,” she said, about Henderson.

The prosecution’s star witness is Allyson Schippers, Derek Jackson’s girlfriend. She testified that she was home when Jackson was murdered and heard the gunshot.

“I went downstairs to see what was going on,” Schippers testified. “That’s when I saw Derek on the ground.”

Schippers described Jackson and Henderson as very good friends. She told the jury she saw Henderson standing over Jackson’s body, even going through his pockets. She said she ran back upstairs with Jackson’s young son, hid, and called 911.

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