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Following some good general search engine optimization (SEO for short) guidelines is good for any WordPress blog. You need to know what to do, and sometimes what not to do, to make your website perform better in the search engine rankings. Did you know there are a few specific things you can do within WordPress to make sure you rank higher in the search engines?

Here are our top ten SEO tips for your WordPress powered blog.

WordPress, at its core, is a publishing platform – so use it as such. There is no problem with pumping out a lot of great articles, as long as they are great articles. The internet already has tons of fantastic content on just about every topic imaginable. What makes your post better than any other post out there about a topic? You need to create quality content and try to make it 400 – 1,000 words long at least. Short posts from random sources on the internet do not rank very well.

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