Masjid Tanah Good Kindergarten Review

bru Syariah-RBTSWaqiuddin Rajak

STRICT rules imposed on the methods of proving offences under the Syariah law is meant to protect a person’s honour and dignity, aside from serving as a reminder to Muslims that punishments received in the hereafter are more severe compared to the worldly ones.

This was said by Hjh Zuraini Hj Sharbawi, head of Law Advisor at the Attorneys General Chamber (AGC) who was one of the panelists during a briefing held at the Royal Brunei Technical Services’ (RBTS) Training Simulation Centre yesterday. “Islamic law has its own processes; it is neither ‘barbaric’ nor it is ‘jahiliyyah’, because under the Syariah Penal Code,” she said, Muslims are strictly regulated by the law.

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