How To React To The Google Pigeon Update

Possibly the most important change to Google search rankings for years has just arrived in the UK (December 2014). The latest Google algorithm named “Pigeon” makes changes in how search results are returned and has been in the USA since July last year..  The changes are great news for small local Business as the changes now returns local business results more favourable. With 1 in 3 searches now being location based the Google pigeon update will have a big impact on search rankings.  Like all Google algorithm changes, it is very speculative to exactly what has changed. I have been digging around and found a few interesting things you can try for yourself.

Firstly make sure you are logged out from your Google+ account (or go incognito) and search for a very generic term e.g. ‘Cafe’. You will then see a list of up to 7 businesses listed in a search panel which are also shown on a map with map markers.  The search will return cafe related business near to your IP address location.

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Original Youtube video here: How To React To The Google Pigeon Update

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