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Roaming the Arizona Desert – History of the Wild Horses of Maricopa

History of the wild horses of maricopa

One of the things we, the “Nation of Campers”, are unyielding about, is we are going to live on our own terms. We don’t buy into the stereo typical American Dream of the house, several cars, and being in debt for the rest of our lives. When I fell into that “rat race” back in 2009 I purchased a home about 35 miles south of Phoenix Arizona, in Pinal County. One day driving the 12 miles of desert that links Maricopa and interstate 10, I noticed a herd of horses in the middle of nowhere. Being the curios fellow I am, I pulled over and watched these majestic animals as they ran together playing in the heat of the day (around 4:00 pm). I always take my cameras with me, because you never know what is going to happen during your drive.

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