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Shayne Sanderson

We are live, welcome to Maintainn!

The goal is to provide excellent support to anyone with a WordPress site – on any host. There are millions of sites online powered by WordPress and it’s probably safe to say there are millions of folks needing help. Of course you can get support from your host but mostly this is hosting support only which doesn’t include theme or plugin support and not to mention just help in general with your site or development. This is where Maintainn is different. Think of Maintainn as a one-stop shop for everything related to WordPress support & maintenance. While I know I’m not breaking new ground by offering support and maintenance I do hope to provide it in a new way. There are plenty of sites out there that offer similar services but most you’ve never heard of so having this available from a known and trusted source (as well as having trusted WordPress developers on hand) is something that I hope will be a welcome change.

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