Teds Woodworking Plans System

Winter break afforded me the opportunity to work on several projects.  I completed two tables and a wall hanging, and a Scrabble-type game for the Museum.

another Michigan Table – all in Maple







Table for owner of Castor Concepts


Hi Andy.,

Got to love the mapple Michigan table –


Thanks, Zach!!

Man those are two awesome tables! What method of joinery did you use? Also, did you use Maple for both?

The foot is joined as two pieces with interlocking slot in the middle, the spindles are joined with Glue and countersunk screws, the top is typically a single piece, but if two, they are joined either as a butt joint with glue or, more often if the table is big, with biscuit joints. I have two, a “mini” and a full size. the size of biscuit depends on the scale and location of the biscuits.

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Video here: Teds Woodworking Plans System

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