Nokia One -j2

OK, I’m assuming you all know how to take a photo with your camera and have fully read the manual…

…nope, nor did I!

You got your camera out of its box and charged it up and started snapping on auto ASAP.

“Canon EOS 60D DSLR” captured by Jung-nam Nam

I’m the same with anything new, to be honest. It’s only when I really can’t figure it out that I’ll actually start reading the manual.

Anyway, after wandering around and trying the zoom and snapping at anything that moved—mostly ducks!—I finally consulted the manual. If you’ve ever done the same thing as an amateur photographer with a new camera, I’m sure, like me, you eventually wanted to know what the dials do and what all the numbers mean, as the photos you intend to take had better be superior to what a mobile phone produces—even if they are only photos of ducks (I’m guessing you also took photos of ducks! Why is that? Why do new photographers always take lots of photos of ducks? It’s like we’re hoarding them for some special duck event one day!)

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