Tobacco Grinder 4 Piece

Acrylic herb grinders are most similar to grinders made of wood, except that they’re an extremely durable glass-like plastic that has been shaped in a mold. Like wood, acrylic herb grinders often only have two to three pieces or compartments, due to the exponentially higher costs involved in trying to mold and assemble features like a screen or magnetic lid. Unlike wooden grinders, acrylic is the only material found in these weed grinders, no metal. Acrylic grinders work reasonably well despite their lack of metal teeth, because acrylic is a strong substance that usually does not crack or become brittle like other plastics… if you purchase intelligently.

How to Use: Open up the two halves of your acrylic grinder and place a bud of marijuana in the middle. Now close it up and begin twisting the lid to grind up the weed. You will be able to see when the weed is ground up due to the transparent properties of acrylic. Use the same methods as with a wooden herb grinder to shake out your bud: tap out the top half into the bottom, scrape out any hanging stragglers and then upend the bottom half of the grinder onto a clean surface. If you’re wondering how to clean a plastic grinder, be comforted that it’s the same method as for wooden grinders but easier (use a pen or knife.)

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