Internet Service Providers Review Chino Valley Az

   What’s interesting about this story, is the method that Gus Zamora uses in order to snatch these children, to get them back to their parents.  The planning, the risk of getting arrested in another country, the emotions of the family and the amazing successes of Gus and his company are a fascinating study.  He hasn’t been arrested, and he has a pretty amazing track record of success. I highly recommend reading this entire story and listening to the audio tape of one of his snatches.

   On a side note, it looks like Gus worked for CTU at one point, and it would be interesting to hear from those folks about this article?

   My question for Gus, is if he has ever thought about going after Joanne Chesimard?  There is a pretty sizable bounty on her head, and that cop killer needs to be brought back to the US.  –Matt

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