Adding New Ingredients Of Fresh Ahi Poke

with our secret dipping sauce

fresh white fish, “cooked” in citrus juice, coconut milk, chili, cilantro, garlic, wonton chips

with pineapple-horseradish dipping sauce

raw ahi, soy sauce, sesame oil, avocado, onions, macadamia nuts

classic dish with a spicy serrano pepper kick

white fish, panko & togarashi encrusted,
served with an island remoulade for dipping

grilled mongolian beef, skewered with pineapple, scallions,
lime-curry dipping sauce

asian marinated chicken grilled on skewers,
thai peanut dipping sauce

with lime-ginger cream sauce and soy glaze

white fish, cilantro, chili, red onion, fish sauce, ginger

seasoned pork, shredded veggies, thai peanut &
traditional dipping sauce

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