Which Are The Best Priced HP Toner Cartridges

Have you ever thought of why some toners are so much cheaper than others on line? There are several factors and we will cover some of them in this article. The first issue is intellectual property and patent rights.

More and more the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacture’s) are aggressively defending the patent rights and intellectual property for each of their products as well they should. There are some in our industry that sees this as an intrusion into the toners they manufacture while others, the reputable remanufactures see this as a positive development and here’s why. When anyone comes up with a good idea and patents it why would they willing let someone else manufacture it and make money off of it? Disreputable businesses that are doing this are breaking the law, period. These types of businesses really don’t care that they are using other people’s intellectual property; they only care about making a buck. By not having the overhead burden of an R&D department or Engineering team to assure they are not infringing they save a ton of money. This is one reason they can sell toners so cheap.

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