How To Locate Cheapest Generic Printer Ink


April 3, 2015, 3:30 AM PDT

Raise your hand if you recycle your printer’s ink cartridges when they run out.

Someone? Anyone?

That’s what I thought. A lot of us are guilty of tossing empty cartridges in the trash and forgetting about them as soon as we start printing with fresh, full cartridges.

But if you don’t mind taking a couple extra minutes, several printer manufacturers offer easy, free recycling programs for their ink cartridges. Sometimes, these are even paired with ink-buying programs to give you a one-stop shop for getting new cartridges while recycling the old ones.

Though these small, plastic things may seem like they don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, recycling them can make a big difference. HP says its program, which has been in place since 1991, has recycled enough cartridges to circle the earth 2.3 times. And the company uses plastic from water bottles and coat hangers to make new cartridges, which has kept 2.5 billion bottles out of landfills.

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