Learn How To Become A Life Coach In San Francisco

Photo: Amy Cross

As a self-employed Life Coach, I am committed to helping people live meaningful, inspired lives.

I came to this work through a life-long passion for supporting learning and personal growth.

After fifteen years of work in the social service and education sectors, helping people navigate transition, transform limiting beliefs, and achieve success, the path of Life Coaching (finally!) found me.

Looking back, I can see that I have always approached work and life with a coaching mindset. Whether acting as a residential counselor, college professor, dance facilitator, or friend, I naturally listened deeply, cultivated curiosity and possibility, and encouraged people’s potential.

During my early adulthood, I pursued an uncertain but authentic career path. I struggled to experience a sense of purposeful direction but, as a result of following an organic, emergent path and exploring my genuine interests, I ultimately honed expertise in personal growth and transformation. I achieved an undergraduate degree in Family and Social Relations; studied and taught the therapeutic benefits of expressive dance; and gained a foundation of critical awareness and sensitivity regarding systemic barriers and multiple forms of oppression.

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