Where Do I Find Lowest Cost Epson Ink

So the question on your mind is, why compare two printers that are so completely different? The Canon Pro-100 is less than a quarter the volume of the Epson 4900 a little over a third of the weight and a fraction of the cost. The Pro-100 is a small 13” printer with home/consumer sized ink cartridges while the 4900 handles 17” roll paper with a flawless automatic cutter and production sized 200ml ink cartridges. Most telling, the Epson uses “permanent” pigment inks while the Canon uses “temporary” dye inks. The reason for this comparison is that I own both printers and the differences/similarities are worth reporting.

Image Quality: The Epson 4900 image quality is excellent unless the LLK ink is clogged, in which case the image quality drops to very poor. As I said before, the Canon Pro-100 images are excellent. In some cases slight nuances in a very dark background are lost but overall image quality is excellent. Some prints actually look better out of the Canon Pro-100 than the Epson 4900.

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