Qlink Pendant SRT3 Personal EMF Protection

The Simply Elegant USB Solution to EM Pollution

The next evolution in combating EM pollution is almost here! NuTesla invented Pürius to interrupt harmful EMR by emitting its patented high frequency carrier signal over the wiring of your home, office, automobile or computer, transforming unhealthy EM polluters into healthy Bio-Pulse generators to restore ultradian rhythms and prevent disruption of your sensitive internal clock. The first release of Pürius in 2011 proved our ideas worked and now with the granting of the Pürius patent (US8,579,793) NuTesla’s engineers and scientists are working on Püriusxv, the eXtensible Version, and you can be a part of making this happen. Püriusxv is the result of over tens years of the combined efforts of NuTesla’s founders in finding a solution to EM pollution that is both affordable and effective. The only thing more effective than Püriusxv is a Faraday cage, which is not a practical or viable option for most of us. Püriusxv is surprisingly small, yet so powerful a single Püriusxv will provide coverage for the AC wiring for 1,200 square feet of living space.

Simply plug Püriusxv into any USB AC power adapter and it scans the electrical environment to identify the optimum carrier frequency using spectral analysis. Püriusxv selects the best modulation type for the environment and begins transmitting a 30 second identifying signal that can be tuned on any AM radio within its coverage area. This allows you to verify Püriusxv is working correctly and the extent of its coverage. After 30 seconds Püriusxv reverts to its patented ultradian format of presenting a range of Rife, Schumann and Solfeggio frequencies to combat unwanted EMR signals. The wiring in your home or office is now emitting healthy Bio-Pulse signals to improve concentration without the jittery effects of pills or energy drinks.
Püriusxv is perfect for using in your vehicle as well, just plug it into a USB Car Adapter and it scans the vehicle’s wiring to select the optimum settings and begins protecting you and all the occupants in less than one second. Similarly, you can plug Püriusxv into your computer or laptop’s USB port and turn it into a healthy emitter of positive energies to get you through even the the most stressful times with ultradian time queuing signals.
New software is being written for Windows, Mac OS and Linux Computers to provide an even simpler update process and the computer interface will handle the Wellness Number (Critical Flicker Fusion Frequency) measuring and reports to make the process simpler and allow storing your number for tracking changes over time. Püriusxv is the solution to EM pollution.

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