Big Boss 1300-watt Oil-less Air Fryer Customer Review

“where dry nights are born”!

Welcome to Big Boss Oil-Less Fryerreview. I know many of you may have seen this product on As Seen On TV,  I know I have! This product claims to be able to cook your  food without all that oil.

I’m excited to try this product  and to share my review with everyone. Its really time for us to take control of our health and eating properly is the best way to do so. So many times we forget that eating greasy foods can and will cause blockage in your arteries. It is important to start changing the way you cook your food whether you use the Big Boss OilLess fryer or not.

I pulled out the fryer and  placed on my counter top. Now it really stands up to its name Big Boss OilLess Fryer, its big and you really need to make sure you have the space on your counter for this fryer. I’m kinda use to my mid size fryer that sits just right on my counter top. I grabbed the foods I wanted to test out and hooked it up, the meat that is!

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Video here: Big Boss 1300-watt Oil-less Air Fryer Customer Review

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