Bible Numerology


sevenHi everybody, people having birthday on 7, 25, 16 of a month or having destiny number or life path number 7 normally have the following characteristics or traits:-
1. They try to hide facts from friends and family members.
2. They are outstanding in their work.
3. These natives are extremely restless in nature and quite inquisitive.
4. Most of the people have destiny or life path number 7 are introverts.
5. They are expressive and good orators.
6. They are influenced by people, they try to impress others.
7. Live in their own dream world.
8. Cannot decide what is right or wrong for them, depend on others.
9. They are interested in others’ lives and don’t discuss what is going in their lives.
10. They are intelligent.
11. They are quite selfish in nature.
12. They want to be appreciated by others.
13. They love to donate money to the needy.
14. They take their friends for granted.
15. They die for recognition.
16. These people do not have a happy married life.
17. They are flirts by heart.
18. They if wish can have a number of affairs.
19. They are not really committed in relationships.

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