Seeking Information On Metabolic Treatments Against Cancer

Ocular Melanoma Awareness and Fundraising


Melanoma is not the only cancer that affects the eye. There are several other types of cancer, all of which are very rare. These can be devastating to patients and their families, to whom we at A Cure In Sight can offer valuable information and support.

Retinal Lymphoma is a cancer of a type of white blood cells, called lymphocytes, which tend to proliferate uncontrollably in the retinas and the brain to cause loss of vision and life-threatening disease.

This cancer usually develops in men and women older than 50 years unless the immune system is deficient, in which case it can develop at a younger age.

In the early stages, retinal lymphoma can resemble ocular inflammation (‘uveitis’) and all too often patients receive the wrong diagnosis and treatment for months or even years. The diagnosis is confirmed by vitreous biopsy, obtaining a sample of vitreous gel with an instrument known as a vitreous cutter (similar to a needle) and examining the specimen in a laboratory.

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